Fresh water storage and oilfield wastewater recycling onsite

Only Stallion offers StaRT™—the exclusive treatment system that stores freshwater until its ready for use, then treats and repurposes wastewater onsite. Our unique oilfield wastewater recycling system provides easy storage while eliminating the inefficiency and safety hazards that come with outdated disposal methods. With StaRT™dual freshwater storage and oilfield wastewater recycling capabilities, you can reduce the ongoing parade of truck traffic at your drill site.

Shrink Space Requirements

Contained in a single 45’ x 8’ shipping container, the StaRT™ unit has a dramatically smaller footprint than multi-tank and hose alternatives. Traditional systems composed of multiple holding tanks and tangled hoses only add to clutter—making sites inefficient and unsafe. With 5,000-gallon capacity in its freshwater section, StaRT™ can serve the entire location. In addition, the StaRT™ treatment section can process up to 3,000 gallons of wastewater per day.

Reduce Truck Traffic

StaRT™ eliminates the need for regular vacuum truck visits to pump and haul raw sewage. Removing vacuum trucks from the road also reduces road congestion which ultimately makes the roads safer. By facilitating less truck traffic, StaRT™reduces your site’s carbon footprint while lowering fuel costs and making the roads safer.



Be More Green

By naturally treating wastewater onsite, StaRT™ reduces truck traffic, carbon emissions and fuel costs associated with removing wastewater. Along with being more environmentally friendly, StaRT™-treated wastewater complies with all local, state and federal requirements for onsite disposal, dust control, drilling and cementing activities.

Pump Jack in a field

Eliminate Cost Guesswork

Traditional “pump and haul” systems generate individual tickets each day for water service, sewer service and tank rental. StaRT™ simplifies costs and paperwork by utilizing an integrated invoicing solution that combines all activities into a single day-rate invoice.

Real-time Insights

Continuous remote monitoring ensures treatment systems operate at peak performance and serviced in an efficient manner. It also sends automated alerts when triggered by logistical issues within the camp. Traditional freshwater and wastewater systems problems are also immediately visible and proactively addressed with StaRT™—reducing delays and downtime while facilitating uninterrupted freshwater supply and wastewater treatment. In addition to remote monitoring, our StaRT™ technicians are actively monitoring via a set of rigorous standards onsite.