Stallion’s oilfield natural gas generators are the most cost-effective way to generate electricity

Stallion’s innovative HorsePower™ oilfield natural gas generators are a game-changer. Our proprietary generator converts stranded natural gas into electricity—while reducing carbon emissions and flaring gas.

Now you are able to generate enough electricity onsite to power everything from electrical submersible pumps and processing equipment to crew accommodations with wellhead gas. Our oilfield natural gas generators operate using a non-selective, three-way catalyst, and run on any gas supply ranging from 750 to 1,700 BTU.

Reduce Operating Costs

With industry demand for power outpacing supply, controlling the cost of temporary power is a big challenge. By converting a waste stream—stranded gas—into an asset, HorsePower™ oilfield natural gas generators provide an abundant fuel supply that is easily accessible via your wellsite. By generating power directly onsite, HorsePower™ reduces your fuel transportation costs. Line power and diesel generators simply can’t match the HorsePower™ cost and convenience benefits.

Advanced Telemetry

Leveraging STARCOMM®, Stallion’s remote communications system, HorsePower™provides state-of-the-art real-time telemetry and KPI reporting that can be accessed via the Stallion portal and stored as needed. Run-time, oil pressure, water temperature, voltage, amperage and torque load are just some of the stats that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. See why HorsePower™ is one of the most intelligent power solutions on the market.

Unmatched Reliability

HorsePower™ oilfield natural gas generators are extremely reliable and require far less maintenance than diesel versions. Every HorsePower™ generator features an EPA-certified Power Solutions International (PSI) natural-gas engine, a durable platform that doesn’t compromise power or performance. An interruption-free maintenance panel and optional redundant liquid propane fuel source ensure HorsePower™ runs the distance.

Powering Environmental Responsibility

By turning a waste stream into a fuel source, HorsePower™ oilfield natural gas generators drastically reduce the need for diesel and other fuels—along with the hazardous storage, spills and carbon emissions associated with them. Just as important, HorsePower™ minimizes your site’s carbon footprint by reducing emissions and flaring gas.