We’re all about leaner, greener, dramatically better ways of doing everything

Since our founding nearly two decades ago, we’ve been fueled by the heady challenge to find disruptive ways to erode the old-school status quo. We’ve replaced it with next-gen ideation, world-class engineered solutions and flawless execution—a power trio that gives birth to head-of-the-class smart technology.

Our passion is inspired by the people we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with on shale plays across America. People who exude in spades the practical grit and ingenuity demanded by the daunting challenges that come with oil and gas production in remote locations under the most extreme conditions. Talking with them, listening to them, wanting to create game-changing tools and services that make their work a whole lot easier, safer, and more environmentally friendly is the genesis of our ongoing commitment to research and development.

Nearly 20 years and millions of dollars later, our efforts are reflected in unrivaled solutions that are transforming oil, gas and industrial worksites from coast to coast.

Our disruptive mindset is reflected in the way we’ve taken dumb iron off life support and revived it with smart-tech features that replace the passive unknown with real-time, on-demand information about critical stats and functions. Knowledge that empowers remote operations and monitoring, drives data decision-making, and pushes better performance across the board.

Our innovative drive is displayed in STARCOMM®, StaRT™, HorsePower™, and all the other pioneering, proprietary Stallion technology you will read about on the following pages—along with our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center and Stallion Technology Center.

We’ve made equally dramatic strides in integrated solutions that harness predictive analytics and data-driven technology. Leveraged in tandem, they optimize logistics, lower costs, boost efficiency, improve operations, maximize uptime, and eke out every ounce of value to be had—all on behalf of our clients.

Every day, we apply our unrivaled portfolio of technologies and services to solve the energy industry’s most difficult challenges. Our bold invention and expansive geographic footprint strategically position us to capture growing market share. And we’re nowhere near being finished.

For us, invention is an intrinsic part of our culture. Our product development committee members keep their ears to the ground, listen to the people tasked with pulling off the toughest jobs known to man, take their challenges and wish lists to heart, and then make good things happen.