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Be heard loud and clear

Get StaRComm intercoms, and get the best in onsite information transmission.

When you need to get critical information to your crew quickly and reliably, StaRComm’s Wireless Intercom systems make it happen. With the ability to integrate with our VSAT satellite services, our intercom options provide superior capabilities for communication throughout the wellsite.

With public announcement (PA), conference calling and Voice and Data capabilities anywhere on the rig, getting your message across is never an issue. And for offshore applications or site relocation, the system moves with the accommodations all at once. That means cost and time savings to you, plus the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re always connected to your crew.

By staying ahead of the pack when it comes to innovative, site-specific resources, our intercom systems are just another way we help increase efficiency, safety and all-around productivity on the job.