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Leave solids control to us

Let Stallion take care of your wellsite waste management needs, so you can keep your drilling and production activity more fluid.

Stallion’s performance-based solids and fluids control systems, closed loop mud systems and remediation services are all delivered with best-in-class design and efficiency. And to make these integrated waste management solutions complete, they always include planning, assistance and on-site equipment deployment and management.

Because when Stallion takes care of your E&P waste disposal, all you have to worry about is moving forward. Our solids control services include:


With any solids removal program, the filtering begins at the flowline. The shale shaker is an economical choice with its simple design and minimal maintenance requirements. Stallion’s shaker employs a unique motion technique that allows for increased Gs while also reducing solids conveyance friction, resulting in longer screen life and drier discards.

Drying Shakers

These shakers offer additional treatment of dryer solids and cleaner reclaimed fluid. Collected in a holding tank, the effluent is returned by means of a transfer pump back into the rig’s active system. Stallion’s dryers can be installed in sets, should dual or triple units be required to meet capacity.

Mud Conditioners

Stallion provides mud conditioners in standard and low profile arrangements. Each unit comes with 2-10” and 20-4” hydrocyclones, and each provides maximum economies through reduction of solid waste and increased drilling fluid recovery.

CentrifugesStallion inventories high-speed and high-volume decanting centrifuges for solids removal, dewatering and barite recovery applications. Our units can come with Variable Speed Driven (VSD) motors that optimize the performance of the bowl speed for finer separation of ultra-fine solids from the drilling mud.

Closed Loop Mud System

Stallion is a well-known leader in enhanced solids control services, including closed loop systems. Centrifuges, shale shakers, mud conditioners, drying shakers and peripheral backside equipment are all delivered, erected and operated by trained waste coordinators to maximize your fluid recovery and solids waste disposal.


Services for land remediation:

  • Annular injection and pit closure projects
  • Landfarming and stabilization of drill cuttings and location fluids
  • Slurrification of drill solids
  • Fluid treatment and dewatering