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Equipment on demand

When it comes to your daily worksite operations, let Stallion do the heavy lifting.

You bring the crew, the plans and some serious drive—we’ll bring the rest. We have a wide range of surface equipment to meet the demands of your onsite needs, including forklifts, light towers and even water and sewer systems.

With our unmatched customer service and extensive network of field centers, repairs and delivery are never far away—which means you can stay productive no matter what. Our rental fleet includes:

Stallion offers a range of forklifts, letting you find the right solutions based on specific rig conditions and the terrain of your worksite.

Extend-a-reach forklifts:
8,000 – 10,000 pounds
4 x 4

Articulated forklifts:
8,000 – 12,000 pounds
4 x 4

Light Towers
Our well-maintained and reliable light towers are available in a variety of capacities, with our 20kW option capable of powering both a travel trailer and lights simultaneously.



20,000 kW

Our air diaphragm pumps are available in 2-inch and 3-inch options, while our skid and trailer-mounted diesel pumps range from 2-inch to 6-inch suction capabilities.

Trash Containers
Stallion offers environmentally friendly waste containment and removal, with trash containers and transports available in 20-yard capacities.

Generators and Compressors
Both our trailer-mounted, diesel-powered generators and our high-quality industrial air compressors come in a range of capacities and are delivered straight to your site.

Generator options:
30 – 200kW

Air compressor options:
185 CFM

Our manlifts come in a range of sizes, and all are equipped with four-wheel drive to offer maximum control and stability.

40 – 60 feet

Water and Sewer Systems
When you need clean water systems and sewage management installations, Stallion has the regulations-compliant resources to maintain the safety and living conditions of your crew.

Water systems include:

  • 3,000-gallon storage tank
  • ½-horsepower water transfer pump
  • All hoses necessary for successful rig-up on job site
  • Black poly tanks, which are less likely to cause algae buildup

Sewer systems include:

  • 750-gallon and larger storage tank
  • Sewer pump box behind each living quarter, reducing call backs for gravity feed plug-ups or spills
  • Chlorinator system, which is active at all times
  • Ease of mobility