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Self-Contained Freshwater Storage and Wastewater Treatment Facility Delivered Directly to Your Location

For customers looking for an onsite freshwater and wastewater treatment solution, StaRT is the answer. StaRT stores freshwater until ready to use and then treats and repurposes wastewater onsite. StaRT provides easy storage of water and eliminates the need for outdated and inefficient disposal methods, removing reoccurring trucks on location.

Eliminate numerous holding tanks and hoses on location

  • For too long, oilfield locations have been littered with multiple holding tanks and tangled hoses, adding to clutter and making sites inefficient
  • With StaRT, the entire location is served with 5000 gallons of freshwater in the water portion of the unit, while the treatment portion can process up to 70 BBL of wastewater per day
  • The StaRT unit is contained in a 45’x8’ shipping container, requiring a smaller footprint on your location than multi-tank and hose alternatives

Reduce Traffic and Increase Safety on Location

  • StaRT removes the need for the frequent supply of vacuum trucks arriving on location to pump and haul raw sewage
    StaRT is environmentally responsible, and by taking trucks off the road and exposing fewer workers to onsite and travel hazards, also aids in safety performance
  • Flat Day Rate
    With traditional “pump and haul” systems, multiple tickets and invoices are generated each day for water service, sewer service, and tank rental
    StaRT can simplify your costs and paperwork by providing a single day rate for these activities, listed on 1 invoice

Environmentally Responsible Re-Use of Wastewater

  • Traditionally, operators incurred the cost of removing wastewater from sites
  • StaRT allows operators to not only responsibly manage water resources, but returns cost savings by naturally treating wastewater for reuse on location
  • Wastewater treated by the StaRT system complies with all local, state, and federal requirements for onsite disposal, allowing operators to use StaRT treated wastewater for a variety of purposes including dust control, drilling activities, and cementing activities

Around the Clock Remote Monitoring

  • With traditional freshwater and wastewater systems, problems that arise often go unnoticed until it is too late, causing delays and downtime
  • All StaRT units have built in remote monitoring capability that not only ensures the system is operating correctly and serviced efficiently, but also helps ensure that there are no logistical issues within the camp
  • Remote monitoring ensures that your site never runs out of freshwater and can detect potential problems so that they can be addressed quickly before they become an issue
  • In addition to remote monitoring, StaRT trained technicians perform daily system checks to ensure the entire system is operating correctly