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Natural Gas Power Solution

HorsePower ™, the natural gas power solution from Stallion, combines state-of-the-art telemetry with the ability to convert stranded gas into an electrical power source that is convenient, reliable, and cost-effective.

Our natural gas generators rely on wellhead gas to fuel the unit, which in turn powers your wellsite. Everything from electrical submersible pumps, processing equipment, to accommodations. The generators themselves use EPA certified natural gas engines with a non-selective three-way catalyst. They can run off gas ranging from 750 BTU to upwards of 2,500 BTU when sized correctly.

With the industry’s appetite for power outpacing supply, keeping the cost of temporary power down is an ever-growing challenge. HorsePower’s natural gas generators offer cost and convenience benefits that line power and diesel generators can’t match. Our solution gives you control over an abundant fuel supply, utilizing stranded gas to power the unit, accessible directly from your wellsite, lessening the impact of fuel transportation on your budget.

We provide one of the most intelligent power solutions on the market. Leveraging our Stallion Remote Communications system, StaRComm®, we will provide real-time telemetry of your natural gas generators. Run time, oil pressure, water temperature, voltage, amperage, and torque load are only a few of the vitals you will have access to at any time, anywhere.

Unlike diesel generators, which require a high level of maintenance, HorsePowerTM generators are incredibly reliable. We use EPA certified PSI NG engines, a durable platform that doesn’t compromise on power or performance. Maintain complete control of your power with HorsePowerTM natural gas power solutions.