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We will provide a completely stress-free, lump sum solution that allows you to Stay Well Focused.

Stallion’s Integrated Solutions benefit you in several ways.  First and foremost, when we deliver multiple product service lines (“PSL’s”) to your rig site, we achieve logistical efficiencies that result in lower prices to you versus delivery of a limited number of PSL’s.

Our experience, footprint, and economies of scale allow us to provide the best and most cost-effective solutions.  In addition to competitive prices, other benefits to Integrated Solutions are:

  • A single point of contact for all of the services we provide at a rig site, versus coordinating with multiple independent suppliers. This will greatly enhance communication and efficiencies, improve response time, lower your carbon footprint, and minimize downtime on your rig sites.
  • Savings for Company due to improved service efficiency and reduced vendor management from both an operational and accounting perspective.
  • A single day rate makes forecasting and tracking easier. For example, there are no hidden charges for extra satellite receivers or sump pumps.
  • A single invoice expedites the approval process and allows your company representative to allocate more time to the well execution process.

Stallions Integrated Solutions offer a complete lump sum solution for the entire energy lifecycle:


In addition to the accommodations, rental equipment, fluid logistics, and mobilization services that we currently provide, we also offer a complete solution for you that includes our communications and waste management/solids control product lines.

Our communications group has a proven track record of being first to market with exceptional products and services.  We can tailor communications solutions for you based on your specific rig locations.  Stallion can deliver one of the fastest communications solutions available, as we pioneered cellular amplification technology in the oilfield and have maintained critical relationships with carriers to ensure optimal speed, compliance, and reliability. This spirit of innovation led to our development of the first LTE-based internet solution in the oilfield.

Stallion has always committed itself to a culture of safety and currently has an industry-leading companywide TRIR, considerably below industry peers.  We have made significant progress towards a safe workplace through our behavior-based safety program, detailed SOP manual and comprehensive QA/QC checks.