To us, a culture of oilfield safety means we each make an effort to protect one another, our customers, communities and vendors

Stallion’s comprehensive oilfield safety program provides employees with everything they need to stay safe on the job. By protecting our team, we protect your team.

Through Stallion University®—our comprehensive computer-based training program—every team member receives a complete introduction to our best-in-class safety standards, along with in-depth knowledge about ways to maintain optimal work conditions.

Under the supervision of premier certified trainers, we build on this strong foundation by requiring all field operation personnel to achieve SafeLand™/SafeGulf certification. We also provide first aid CPR/AED training, hydrogen sulfide (H2S) safety training and defensive driving.

With company-wide policies, monthly safety meetings and open communication between our customers, employees and safety leaders, Stallion strengthens its culture of safety.

Our employees are family, and we regard our customers and vendors as members of the Stallion family, too. When everyone is safe, we can succeed—together.