Stallion Celebrates 3rd Anniversary of Partnership with Kubco

The name Kubco might ring a bell if you’re familiar with the oil and gas industry. Kubco Services is one of the first and most successful pioneers in the Oil Recovery Unit and provides Stallion with our quality solids control equipment that clients appreciate. The partnership between Kubco and Stallion has streamlined Stallion’s equipment processes since 2017. To gain understanding about centrifuges and why they’re essential to the drilling process, read about them here.

Stallion launched in 2003 and quickly became known as a leader in the Oil Services business. Stallion is known for its turnkey solutions and being able to provide jobsite equipment our customers need quickly. Our legacy has become stronger with the partnership in Kubco, as a large portion of Stallion’s services is to deliver significant oil and gas players with the centrifuge equipment necessary in fulfilling a project safely and successfully. 

The team at Kubco has allowed Stallion to repair and refurbish centrifuges faster and more efficiently than anyone else in the industry. The combination of Kubco’s quality centrifuge machinery and the trust they’ve earned from Stallion, has allowed Stallion to venture into new areas of the business with the peace of mind that a considerable part of the legacy business is being taken care of. Learn more and connect with our partner, Kubco Services, today. 

Stallion looks forward to its continued servicing of the oil and gas industry and is excited to have launched and procured new areas of the business in companies, StallionRents, SIMETRY and STARCOMM. The Stallion family footprint has more than tripled in 2020 and will continue to grow despite national struggles associated with Covid19. “Our team has shown an amazing amount of grit and an excellent work ethic while venturing into new areas of the business. Stallion can attribute its strong new foundation and exciting success to everyone involved.” – Travis Melvin, Manager of Sales at Stallion.