The Digital Divide and SIMETRY'S Plan To Close It

At SIMETRY, we’re committed to closing the digital divide and improving student access to high-speed internet.

We believe all students have a fundamental right to the technology they need to learn. Now more than ever, wifi access for students is critical as schools continue their shift to distance learning.

That’s why we were so troubled by the results of a recent Pew Research Center study.


According to the study, 22% of American students are stuck in the digital divide—with no reliable internet connection at home.

That’s nearly one in four students who cannot access the internet away from school. That means no math tutorials. No video conferences with their teacher and classmates. And no way to turn in digital assignments.


Unfortunately, when you adjust for income the digital divide is even more pronounced. The same study found that 40% of low income families worried that their child would not be able to complete their work due to a lack of reliable internet connection at home.

22% of American students do not have a reliable internet connection at home.

Pew Research Center

We can do better. Our Connected Classrooms solutions can be tailored to any district’s needs. With wide area boosters and 5G-ready LTE equipment, geographic limitations are no longer a barrier to student learning. Our technology is service provider agnostic, boasting the highest 4G data rate in the industry—so we can close the digital divide for every student. Everywhere.

We also offer content filtering and mobile device management (MDM) services to support safe, equitable remote learning.

Plus, with rental terms that fit your budget, you won’t be stuck paying long-term for a short-term challenge.

Join us in bridging the digital divide. Request a quote today and see what SIMETRY can do for your learning community.