Data analytics, KPI reports and smart monitoring track every drop of produced water

With data analytics and state-of-the-art dispatch systems, Stallion expertly handles every aspect of your produced water. Scalable storage options for produced water, water transfer and round-the-clock trucking services are some of the ways we optimize your operations. In fact, every drop of produced water is traced via a monitoring system that provides complete visibility throughout the entire life cycle.

Connected Storage, Distribution and Delivery

Stallion understands the unforgiving industry pressures our clients face on a daily basis. That’s why we offer a broad inventory of budget-friendly rental equipment, including storage tanks for produced water, manifolds, hosing and advanced monitoring solutions—everything you need to boost efficiency and the bottom line. Data analytics and key performance indicator (KPI) reports enhanced with in-house fluid level monitoring systems help improve performance and margins.

Efficient fluid management is safe, easy and completely reliable with Stallion’s 24/7 telematics-enabled dispatch, real-time invoicing for each pick-up and delivery, and stellar support from the industry’s most experienced team.

Stallion provides:

  • 90-barrel straight trucks
  • 120- and 130-barrel vac trailers
  • 500-barrel frac tanks
  • 250- and 300-barrel open top tanks
  • 500-barrel flowback tank
  • 500-barrel acid tanks
  • 500-barrel sealed oil storage tank

Expert Logistics

With more than 50 locations in every shale play across the United States, Stallion is ready to meet all of your logistical needs. Few are as knowledgeable as our industry-leading service personnel. Paired with 24/7 telematics-enabled dispatch and real-time invoicing support, our team provides a business-focused advantage you can count on.

Map of the United States

Produced Water Management

Production water cut is an ever present challenge. Utilizing the same technology we apply to our own disposal wells we help you deftly meet the challenges by providing accurate gauging and monitoring of your transported produced water to ensure oil recovery is at its peak.