Leverage the engineering and smart tech that are transforming oilfield solids control

With significant experience in managing solids, Stallion is revolutionizing oilfield solids control with next-gen technology. Only Stallion offers real-time data and performance insights that improve oilfield solids control. Our technical expertise is bolstered by a deep inventory of equipment and tools that put you in solid control of your solids.


A fleet of centrifuges with bowl diameters ranging from 14” to 25” are optimized for drilling program and fluid type. Variable frequency drive (VFD) controls permit on-the-fly adjustment of main drive (G-force), back drive (solids conveyance), and pump drive (throughput) to successfully adapt to hole conditions.

Oil Recovery Unit

Leveraging the latest in cutting-edge technology, Stallion’s exclusive oil recovery unit (ORU) delivers unparalleled results in oil recovery. While typical solids-separation equipment requires a trade-off between clean fluid and dry cuttings, ORU eliminates this problem. Now you can lower your fluids and disposal costs without sacrificing either.

In-house Centrifuge Manufacturing

Guided by the strictest quality-control process, Stallion designs and creates centrifuges using state-of-the-art equipment and engineering. Utilizing computerized maintenance management software, our team diligently strives to improve long-term equipment performance while eliminating downtime. All centrifuge repair is performed in-house to ensure each one is stringently maintained to its original specifications.

Additional Equipment

Stallion offers a full line of solids control equipment. Vertical dryers, drying shakers, shaker screens, dewatering tanks, mud conditioners, upright and horizontal storage tanks, high-wall and low-wall cuttings bins, generators, transfer pumps, distribution panels, excavators and loaders are all available.

Data Monitoring/Reporting

Outfitted with smart technology, Stallion’s solids control equipment facilitates convenient remote access monitoring so you can quantify key performance indicators in real-time. Stay abreast of all the data that matters—including centrifuge settings, flow rates, densities, waste volumes and more. Our team reviews, analyzes and reports on daily metrics to provide a comprehensive recap at the end of each well.