We make offshore communications and accommodations for maritime operations easier

Stallion is uniquely equipped to serve the logistics and maintenance needs of maritime operations—including offshore communications and offshore accommodations.

With Stallion’s offshore communications solutions, it’s easy to maintain constant contact with your offshore operations. Our offshore communications service integrates the unrivaled reliability of our exclusive broadband satellite service with LTE to maximize uptime. Plus, as with every STARCOMM® system, we offer 24/7 connectivity through our dependable Network Operations Center. Our experienced technicians provide dedicated client support, repairs and maintenance. With STARCOMM®, it’s easy to leverage the entire spectrum of offshore communications capabilities.

Stallion also offers an extensive fleet of barges, cranes, crew vessels and tugs to provide offshore accommodations.

Stallion provides:

  • Offshore accommodations
  • Barges
  • Cranes
  • Tug boats
  • Construction equipment
  • Communications
  • Port facility
  • Load and offload
  • Pumps
  • Housing


  • Dual and single stabilized antenna systems
  • Fixed antenna systems
  • Stabilized skid mount antenna
  • Offshore LTE
  • Automatic failover for network redundancy
  • Satellite bandwidth
  • Point-to-point radios
  • Cellular signal amplification


  • Telephony services
  • Wi-Fi
  • Two-way radios
  • Onsite Video Surveillance
  • Remote Streaming Video services
  • Audio/video services
  • Intercoms