Even the most remote mining camps are well-equipped with our mining support equipment rentals

Encamped in the isolated and rugged terrains of America’s mining operations, Stallion delivers mission-critical services and mining support equipment rentals where few others can. Leveraging reliable connectivity, along with IoT’s real-time analytics, machine learning, commodity sensors and embedded systems, we ensure the safety of your crews while also boosting their efficiency.

Along with mining support equipment rentals, you can also depend on Stallion for efficient camp logistics, comfortable accommodations that meld form and function, and remote power and lighting solutions that keep your operations humming.

Stallion offers a wide selection of mining support equipment rentals, including:

  • Water transfer
  • Gas detection
  • Communications
  • Remote camps
  • Generators
  • Lighting solutions
  • Water and sewer services
  • Pumps and hoses
  • Surface rental equipment
  • Trash removal
  • Fresh water
  • Fluid processing