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The safe choice

At Stallion, we’re committed to protecting our most valuable resource—our employees.

With an emphasis on understanding, experience and comprehensive training, Stallion’s worksite safety program provides employees with the knowledge they need to stay safe on the job.

New staff members get their first, complete introduction to our safety standards through “Stallion University®,” Stallion’s computer-based employee training program. Through this system, workers gain in-depth knowledge of how to maintain optimum work conditions—no matter what the situation may bring.

As a means to maximize this already strong foundation, Stallion has 17 full-time PEC/Premier certified trainers and requires all employees to be SafeLand™certified. Stallion maintains a company-wide policy of conducting monthly safety meetings and providing open communication between employees, supervisors and safety committees.

As members of the Stallion family, the well-being of our employees has, and will continue to be, a top priority. And when our field workers are safe and productive, that can help us accomplish our other big priority—helping you succeed and Stay Well FocusedSM.