Sustainability and productivity go hand in hand

We have a healthy respect for the places where we work. “Tread gently” are actionable words we take to heart. Today, Stallion’s commitment to reducing our environmental impact is backed by green-driven technology and engineering. Areas of expertise that have sparked the development of innovative products and processes that make our work sites cleaner, safer and environmentally friendly.

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By turning stranded, associated gas into clean burning fuel, we bring electricity to the most remote locations. Along with reduced flaring, HorsePower™ helps operators become better stewards of their resources.


Efficient wastewater treatment is now possible in even the most remote locations. Using patent pending technology, StaRT™ (Stallion Remote Treatment) naturally treats septic waste water for responsible reuse in agricultural, industrial and construction applications.

Gas Detection

The latest evolution in gas-detection technology is now here thanks to STARCOMM®. Utilizing remote monitoring and data backhaul capabilities, this innovative solution ensures someone is monitoring air quality at your location 24/7 via Stallion’s Network Operations Center (NOC).

Water Transfer

Temporary pipelines are the cleanest, safest and most responsible way to move water. By utilizing above-ground pipelines for water transfer, Stallion eliminates truck traffic and the roadway hazards associated with large trucks. When the job is complete, the temporary pipes are simply removed—eliminating any residual impact to the ground or environment.

LED Technology

Stallion is committed to utilizing LED technology across our entire lighting fleet. LED technology allows our customers to use a fraction of the fuel needed to operate traditional equipment. LED lighting is also safer.

Solar Solutions

STARCOMM® technology, paired with solar power, allows Stallion to provide customers with more data than ever before—even in the most remote regions of the United States. STARCOMM® offers solar-powered solutions for remote monitoring, volume measurement, SCADA controls and many other applications.

Predictive Dispatching

Stallion is currently in the process of upgrading the truck fleet to utilize predictive dispatching for increased efficiency. No more inefficient idling, duplicate trips or wasted resources and effort. Smart technology removes unnecessary trucks from the road and guides others via the most efficient routes.