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    TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR ACH PAYMENTS (US BANKS ONLY) 1. Electronic funds transfers will be made to the financial institution and account number supplied by the Enrolling Company/Person/s on the enrollment form. 2. Stallion Oilfield Services Ltd. (Stallion) and its subsidiary companies will make payments in accordance with and be governed by the National Automated Clearing house Association (NACHA) trade and payment rules. 3. The Enrolling Company/Person understands that an authorized representative must communicate any changes in the information supplied on the enrollment form to Stallion in an updated Enrollment form. Stallion will not be responsible for, and the Enrolling Company/Person agrees to indemnify and hold Stallion and its subsidiary companies harmless from, any loss or damage which may arise by reason of error, mistake or fraud in connection with supplying this information. 4. Payment will be initiated within the terms of the commercial agreement between the Enrolling Company/Person and Stallion. Payments are deemed made when the Enrolling Company's/Persons financial institution has received or has control of the payment transaction. 5. If Stallion or its subsidiary companies initiates payment on a non-banking day at the originating bank, the funds transfer will occur the following banking day. In all cases, banking day is defined as the day on which both trading partners' banks are available to transmit and receive funds transfers. 6. Stallion and its subsidiary companies are responsible for the payment transaction up to the point where the Enrolling Companies/Persons financial institution receives or has control of the payment transaction. Any loss or damage resulting from the loss of data at that point will be borne by the Enrolling Company/Person unless the loss is due to the gross negligence or willful misconduct of Stallion, or its originating bank. 7. The Enrolling Company/Person will notify Stallion immediately if payment is not received as described above. 8. Either party can terminate this agreement, provided that notification in writing is submitted by the terminating party to the other party and both parties agree on the termination date.
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  • This can be found on the vendor letter or check stub beneath the company name.
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