As a leading energy service company, we harness innovation to drive unparalleled value

Stallion is an innovative, equipment rentals and energy services company who is dedicated to driving measurable value for customers engaged in a large range of diverse industries. We understand business as usual is never good enough. That’s why we’re dedicated to the disruptive pursuit of leaner, greener, dramatically more productive ways of doing just about everything and for any industry our technology can be applied towards.

As a knowledgeable, single-source supplier of innovative technology-enabled equipment and services, the reach of our best-in-class energy services company extends across the United States and a diverse set of industries.

Leveraging a suite of integrated solutions, expert logistics, and smart technology we empower our diversified customer base with the tools and data-driven insights they need to lower costs, maximize uptime and improve operations.

Today and every day, Stallion creates stakeholder value through a tireless quest of innovation solutions—state of the art technologies and products designed to benefit our customers, communities and the environment.

Geographic Expansion

Technology Growth


Stallion enters the remote communications space (STARCOMM®).


Stallion enters solids control space.

Stallion begins housing refurbishment program.


Stallion offers satellite connectivity through STARCOMM®.

Stallion enters into offshore accommodations space.


Stallion enters water transfer space.

Stallion offers camp complexes in Alaska.


STARCOMM® expands bandwidth.


STARCOMM® deploys first BDA (cellular amplification) unit.


STARCOMM® deploys first LTE unit.


STARCOMM® offers fluid level monitoring and portal visibility.

Stallion incorporates geo-tracking into fleet management.


Stallion manufactures centrifuges through Kubco LLC.

STARCOMM® offers remote gas detection and fluid level monitoring

Stallion offers centrifuges with built-in telemetry.


Stallion creates StaRT™ product line.

Stallion enters natural gas generator space with HorsePower™ brand.

Stallion begins Tier 3 generator refurb program.

Stallion consolidates back office systems into ERP roll-out.


Stallion begins field dispatch telemetry roll-out.