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Judd McBride

Vice President of Northern, Eastern, Permian, and MidCon Operations

Judd McBride brings a diversified and dynamic breadth of experience to his role as Stallion’s VP of Northern, Eastern, Permian, and MidCon Operations Operations.

His extensive experience in sales and finance give him invaluable insights and fuel his commitment to taking a holistic view of the company, making sure he executes his operational responsibilities to the best interest of the entire organization. As a former member of the firm’s Mergers & Acquisitions group, he appreciates and understands how the right acquisitions can enhance operations. In addition, his financial background rounds out his worth and confidence, and make him a meaningful contributor on the executive team.

Judd’s early career years saw him studying at Texas A&M, focusing on pursuing a career in the financial side of farming and agriculture, where he’d worked every summer since youth. Like a true Texas son, he also spent summers on drilling rigs both on and offshore, gaining extensive exposure to equipment servicing. He held several positions with National Oilwell Varco, from operational posts through the accounting group and on to Regional Administrative Manager in solids control management. His work ethic and genuine likability led to an opportunity on the Account Management side, cultivating his business development skills while fully absorbing the technical and operations side of the business. The eventual offer from Stallion’s M&A group represented the perfect marriage of his combined talents in finance, sales, and field experience, where he could further thrive and mature in a compatible corporate culture.